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I’d been happily using my wonderful little form for a few months now to colourify my data and thinking about how to improve it. Then a couple of weeks ago I discovered some major bugs with the whole routine when I switched language in my trilingual Office2010 installation (Englishman living in Italy working for Swiss Germans). Basically unless you run Office in English but with European list separators, the previous version just didn’t work.
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Multicoloured data bars (installation)

Considering my job is in software documentation and user manuals, I’m not doing very well here. Sorry. I will try to sort this out.
The VBA form has also grown. For each individual value range you can now set:

  • bar colour
  • display or hide values
  • gradient or solid fill
  • border yes/no
  • border colour independent from the bar colour

So your data bars can look like this:

image         image

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Barre di dati multicolori

Mi sono sempre piaciute le barre di dati in Excel, introdotte con la versione 2007. Un particolare mi ha sempre infastidito però – non si può usare più di un colore alla volta (ovvero se nel range formattato ci sono anche dei valori negativi si può specificare un colore diverso per quelli).

2014-06-29_144538    2014-07-08_085105

Mi sembra un limite importante perché l’utilità di questo tipo di visualizzazione si base sulla sua immediatezza, il che sarebbe molto maggiore se si disponesse di più colori.

Da un paio di settimane ci lavoro su una soluzione che potete trovare sulle pagine pubblicate in inglese. A breve, organizzerò meglio la documentazione e pubblicherò anche in italiano.

Ecco cosa si può fare:

2014-06-29_144407    2014-07-08_085119

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Multicoloured data bars: negative values and colour themes

Negative bars

One thing I noticed almost immediately with my version 1 was that negative values didn’t work correctly. If you set the default data bar range to include negative numbers you have the option to select a single colour for negative bars.


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Multicoloured Data Bars in Excel

When I switched from Office 2003 to 2010, one of the most liberating updates was the wildly expanded conditional formatting, previously limited to just 3 conditions and some pretty basic cell formatting.
Data bars caught my attention immediately as a great way to visualise a few rows of data quickly without having to make a graph.

One complaint – you’re limited to having all the bars the same colour . . . apparently.

One specific use of these data bars in a cell – as progress bars for tasks/activities in a project – looks pretty lame in monochrome. Wouldn’t it be great to have different colours for each activity based on the percentage of completion? Red for less than 20% (needs attention), orange up to 60%, dark green up to 80% and a really bright green for the final 20%! Oh and must have a completely different colour for 100% – meaning finished and closed.

So I set about seeing how to get from monochrome default to psychedelia.

2014-06-29_144538          2014-06-29_144316

I make no apologies for writing “colour” – I’m British.      🙂

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This is the calendar replacement by AppSuberb that I slagged off yesterday. They published an update this morning that solved my gripe so I’ve gone from considering it a gimmick to loving it as much as WeatherCube.

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What’s on my iPad (part 2)

General Utilities:
MyTouch Calculator. What can be quicker than handwriting the sums? You can correct, insert and delete bits and the total updates. In my opinion, unbeatable.
Panoramic’s Converter Pro. Yeah, the store is imploding from the number of apps for converting units or currency. Well first of all, this one does both. Second, it’s free. My only gripe is that it’s landscape only – not that it’s hard work to turn your iPad 90º, it just seems like lazy UI design.
Ifunplay’s FasterScan HD for snapping a photo of a document and getting it straightened out and cleaned up with the minimum fuss. Then if I need it as text, I bounce it over to
Leadtools OCR
Dragon Dictation does exactly what it should in all the languages I can speak and more.
WeatherCube has a beautifully simple interface for getting the forecast for where you are and a few places you can save. The same team just released their take on the calendar. It’s still cool but doesn’t grab me the way the weather app did. It’s so obviously just a frontend stuck on top of Apple’s native calendar – it pauses every time you do anything while it gets data.
PlaneFinderHD, Flight Board and App in the Air get me all the info about planes and flights.
Ancestry connects me to the family trees my Mum keeps on
Just discovered Wikipanion – Wikipedia’s own app was deleted about 10 minutes later…
Flipboard and BBC News
TVGuide for watching any UK television
Bunsho. Silly silly silly word game. Love it. And not just because it’s made by my brother.
LetterPress and Sudoku Tablet. That’s it for games really

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