What’s on my iPad (part 1)

Had the thing for a year now and have a core of apps that do their specific job just the way I want it, although I’ll have spurts of mass app-downloading to check out alternatives or cover some new need or want.
Reading: iBooks; Kindle; Gutenberg Pro; Goodreads
Notes Plus by Viet Tran, for notes, sketches and diagrams and unrivalled handwriting to text conversion – try INKredible the freebie by the same developer, and anything by MyScript (Viet licences their engine) to see the conversion in action. I take notes in three languages and as long as I let the app know which one I used, the conversion is very accurate. MyScript’s own Notes Mobile converts in the background as you write so when you request text it’s instantaneous.
Plain Text 2 for note-taking purely by keyboard. No bells or whistles just unformatted text (you can open the files directly with Windows Notepad).
hopTo and OliveOfficeHD for Office compatibility. I haven’t made up my mind yet – I don’t like to keep 2 apps for the same job.
FormExpert for filling in and marking up pdf files
iWritingPen for controlling my laptop for PowerPoint playback and on-the-fly annotating.
iTranslate for . . . translating. Text input, translation to and from a zillion languages, even voice to voice – speak a phrase and see it converted to text, then translated before the translation is spoken aloud. OK, it has limits – no long, complex sentences; the English to Italian isn’t great but Italian to English is fine (German is good both ways).


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I'm an ex-pat Londoner. I've been living near Lake Garda in North Italy for more than 30 years.
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