What’s on my iPad (part 2)

General Utilities:
MyTouch Calculator. What can be quicker than handwriting the sums? You can correct, insert and delete bits and the total updates. In my opinion, unbeatable.
Panoramic’s Converter Pro. Yeah, the store is imploding from the number of apps for converting units or currency. Well first of all, this one does both. Second, it’s free. My only gripe is that it’s landscape only – not that it’s hard work to turn your iPad 90º, it just seems like lazy UI design.
Ifunplay’s FasterScan HD for snapping a photo of a document and getting it straightened out and cleaned up with the minimum fuss. Then if I need it as text, I bounce it over to
Leadtools OCR
Dragon Dictation does exactly what it should in all the languages I can speak and more.
WeatherCube has a beautifully simple interface for getting the forecast for where you are and a few places you can save. The same team just released their take on the calendar. It’s still cool but doesn’t grab me the way the weather app did. It’s so obviously just a frontend stuck on top of Apple’s native calendar – it pauses every time you do anything while it gets data.
PlaneFinderHD, Flight Board and App in the Air get me all the info about planes and flights.
Ancestry connects me to the family trees my Mum keeps on ancestry.co.uk
Just discovered Wikipanion – Wikipedia’s own app was deleted about 10 minutes later…
Flipboard and BBC News
TVGuide for watching any UK television
Bunsho. Silly silly silly word game. Love it. And not just because it’s made by my brother.
LetterPress and Sudoku Tablet. That’s it for games really


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I'm an ex-pat Londoner. I've been living near Lake Garda in North Italy for more than 30 years.
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