Multicoloured data bars (installation)

Considering my job is in software documentation and user manuals, I’m not doing very well here. Sorry. I will try to sort this out.
The VBA form has also grown. For each individual value range you can now set:

  • bar colour
  • display or hide values
  • gradient or solid fill
  • border yes/no
  • border colour independent from the bar colour

So your data bars can look like this:

image         image

I don’t know how useful data bars could be with so many formats mixed in, but the possibility is there.
Meanwhile, Metfan has asked me to explain how to install the form he downloaded, so here is a quick guide to doing that.
From Excel you’ll need to open the VBE (alt+F11) then right-click on the project where you want to include the form, probably “personal” so it will always be available. Select “Import File…”


Find where you unzipped the downloaded file and select the *.frm file.


That’s it. You’ll see a new subfolder has been created and the form is there.


Double-click to open the form, right-click to open the code window.


The form now looks like this


and the code looks like code. I’ll try to get around to making a proper page putting everything in one place…


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2 risposte a Multicoloured data bars (installation)

  1. williamrip ha detto:

    I appreciate all of your work on this! I have downloaded and inserted the form, but cannot figure out the next step. The form shows in VB, but as more of a template without the option of filling in any of the fields.

    • DiGiMac ha detto:

      Hi William, I’m about to post a whole new version. I discovered that my mixed-language Office installation created havoc in compatibility. Probably no-one has been able to use the form. I’ve corrected it and now it’s a proper add-in instead of just the form.


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